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What is a Deviation?

One type of HACCP system deviation occurs when a critical limit is not met at a Critical Control Point. For example if the critical limit for a cooking CCP is that the internal temperature of the product must be at least 145°F for at least 4 minutes, there is a deviation when:

  • The internal temperature does not reach 145°F,
  • The internal temperature is at 145°F or higher for less than 4 minutes, or
  • The cooking is done correctly, but is not documented (no record is kept).

Another type of deviation occurs when a verification activity shows that monitoring is being done incorrectly. For example:

  • A calibration test shows that a thermometer is inaccurate,
  • Observation of a person monitoring a CCP shows that the person is monitoring incorrectly, or
  • A review of records shows that record-keeping is not being done properly.